When Does a Black Suit Work?

There are very few events that calls for a man to wear a tuxedo, one is when he receives an invitation to a black tie event. The black tie affair, is an occasional party that some people host, the primary dress code is black suit, black dress, or your more formal wear. There are places around the world, during a black tie affair, men do not wear ties, just a black shirt with a tuxedo, or possibly a bow tie.

If you are one of the lucky men to receive an invitation to a black tie event, this does not mean it has to be black and you must wear a tie, this is saying that you must be presentable and formal just like the rest of their guests. At times you may feel like wearing an off the wall suit, and this is fine for formal wear as long as it meets the requirements of the party, to dress formally and presentable to match the other guests, so you can possibly try out a new design or throw together your own "black tie" apparel.

Times that call for a tuxedo, or a black suit, are when you get an invitation to a black tie affair, whether it be formal or black tie optional. You can also wear a tuxedo to a formal dance or ball room dance, the opening of the ballet, symphony, or opera, maybe a reception or formal dinner party, and always wear one to a formal dinner at a fancy restaurant (especially with the wife).

If you are looking to show off your style, it is better to purchase a tuxedo out right, then to rent it for several different occasions. When you buy a suit, you can have it custom tailored to fit your length and width of just about everywhere, some suit shops offer free tailoring. Try to stay on the traditional side of the black suit, no flamboyance, and keep it simple for an elegant look. If you are buying a tuxedo, take the same measures as you would if you were buying a regular suit for the office. A cummerbund should always match the color and fabric of the jacket in a suit and when picking a tie, try to find one of the regular ties to match your look, do not purchase a clip-on bow tie and expect to look dashing.

You can expect to see a black suit at a wedding, formal occasion, funeral, and possibly the office. They come in many different types of fabric and other materials. With every man, the suit is different, some men are flattered by pinstripes, where others look better in solid colors. It is best to try on the suit to see its appeal on you before making a purchase. This means you better buy your black suits in a local store, and don't go shopping on the internet. You cannot go wrong if you are trying to dress the part for any professional or formal occasion, by choosing a black suit. The color of black, must essentially fit your body with no extras.

Trying out different colored shirts to go along with your black suit, is not a bad idea. Ideally your more prominent colors will stand out with a black suit, such as your red, lavender, and bright blue. If your shirt supports cuff links, wear them, try to make a formal statement whenever putting on your suit so that everyone knows you mean business. Combining with a nice leather accessory from a top brand can also make a big difference. Here, you'll find some great wallets that are sure to make an impact with anyone. Once you have successfully attended your event that calls for a black suit, be sure to send the suit to the cleaners, to have it cleaned, pressed, and properly covered, so you can place it back into your closet for the next time it is your time to shine.